Conference Publications & Presentations


24th International EDINEB Conference (Innovative Student Engagement in Business and Economics Education) June 2017, Utrecht,

Allen, J. (2017) Looking up, reaching down: the Business School and INTERREG V themes for social innovation, Allen_EDINEB_2017_finalEDINEB_2017_Allen,  24th Conference ProceedingsFinal 15052017

Sustaining Social Enterprise: A practitioner forum for sharing good practice, Enterprise Educators UK, 25th January 2017, i3 Centre, Greenwich

Allen, J (2017) Social enterprise in a post Brexit world, Allen_Post_Brexit_PaperAllen_Post_Brexit_Presentation EEUK_Greenwich_Schedule

Oham, C (2017) Social enterprise successes

23rd International EDINEB Conference (Innovative Student Engagement in Business and Economics Education – 2016 Conference Schedule

Allen, J. (2016) Engaging the student entrepreneur building upon a typology of student entrepreneurs. Allen_Nice_2016 Allen_Presentation_Nice

Birch, C. Mulholland, G. Lichy, J and Kachour, M. (2016) An enquiry into potential graduate entrepreneurship: Is higher education turning off the pipeline of graduate entrepreneurs? EDINEB Birch 2016 Edineb 16 presentation

Birch, C. Allen, J & Lichy, J. (2016) Designing new curricula approaches to entrepreneurship. Birch et al Nice 2016

4th International Studies of Management in Organisations (ISMO), IDRAC, Nice, 2015 – Summary Dec 15

Birch, C.J. Mulholland, G. Lichy, J. (2015) Investigating the emergence of generation entrepreneurs? An enquiry into potential graduate entrepreneurship. Birch Paper Birch Presentation

Allen, J. (2015) Differential Competitive Advantage – a case study of digital entrepreneurship Allen Paper Allen Presentation

Newman, V, Lichy, J & Kachour, M. (2015) Differentiating between enterprise and product based business models for HEIs. Newman Paper Newman Presentation