Pioneering Mentors Required

New Pioneer Mentors


It is a delight to celebrate the early successes of Greenwich graduates who start their own business. But as accomplished entrepreneurs understand, this is a lonely road fraught with challenges. One reason why we ask for help from established entrepreneurs from all sectors to help our graduates who are early in their journey.

The role of the Pioneer Mentor

Acting as a supportive but constructive critical friend to help bounce ideas and provide substance to the development of an early growth enterprise. We call these helpers ‘Pioneer Mentors’ because this is unchartered territory, but will significantly impact upon the life of our entrepreneurs.

How much time will it take?

Pioneer Mentors would be expected to allocate 1 hour per month with their mentee. This could be either face to face or via Skype or FaceTime. Here you would review, agree action plans and hold to account your mentee. Friendly supportive but accountable mentoring.

How long am committing myself for?

Pioneer Mentors are allocated for 12 months.

Will I get paid for being a Pioneer Mentor?

No this is entirely voluntary. However we will invite you to our annual Mentor’s dinner as a token reward.

How do I get involved?

Please contact us for the next steps.