What They Say

Enterprise Challenge 2016-17

‘The enterprise challenge workshops have been enormously helpful for those of us who have big ideas but not much business experience’- Lauren Sternberg

‘Valuable insights highly important’ – Ahammed Saheen

‘One of the best experiences in University, I have just returned from a placement where I realised that I can work on my own, but this challenge is helping me to make my idea a reality’ –  Silviu Cojocaru

‘I have really enjoyed the workshop sessions and I have learnt in depth key elements of business’ – Jason Dennis

International University Applicants

‘Thank you again for the great workshop you organised for us. Our students are all ‘fired up’ and eager to participate in the Enterprise Challenge. They really had a great experience. Hope some will get through to the final, so we can, once again, visit your great University’ – Lars Daamen, Rotterdam University, November 2016